As the automotive industry continues to evolve, so does the supply chain. Today, the two drivetrains--internal combustion and electric--are sharing space on vehicle production lines. The epicenter of battery production has shifted from traditional hubs in Asia to regional geographies, and zero-emission technologies are evolving at a pace that demands quick and seamless turnarounds.

As a component manufacturer, you now face an inherent need to produce more components than the OEMs themselves. With increasing customer demands and expectations, more parts are going into vehicles than ever before.

When you're shipping parts, you want to make sure they're delivered on time, in perfect condition and with the right amount of care. That's why we offer an automotive supply chain solution that gives you total control and visibility over all your components as they move through your supply chain. From end to end, departure to destination--we make sure every step is covered by our logistics offering.

How FreightMango helps you to export/import Automotive overseas?

  • Helps in cost reduction
  • Every part/component matters to us
  • Delays are not acceptable to us
  • Helps in increasing transparency and resource efficiency along the supply chain.

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