Marine cargo insurance Functions

Marine cargo insurance serves as a safeguard for cargo owners or shippers, shielding them from potential risks linked to the transportation of goods via sea, air, or land. This type of insurance offers protection against physical loss or damage to the cargo throughout its journey from the departure port to the arrival port.

  • Before Shipping Cargo
    Purchase customized marine cargo insurance, covering natural disasters, man-made incidents, and cargo specifics, protecting against mishandling, theft, fire, piracy, and carrier errors.

  • Calculate Policy Premium
    The insurance company determines premiums based on cargo value, risk level, transportation mode, and other relevant factors.

  • Initiate claim with Insurance Company
    If the cargo sustains loss or damage during transit, the cargo owner or shipper can initiate a claim with the insurance company along with supporting documentation.

  • Insurance Settlement
    Marine cargo insurance protects cargo during transportation against natural disasters, theft, fire, piracy, and carrier errors.

One solution, Extensive Benefits.

While insurance for cargo containers is not obligatory, FreightMango consistently advises its utilization. It proves particularly advantageous for the goods owner, providing compensation for potential financial losses that may occur throughout the transportation process or during the cargo transfer/acceptance stage.


Best of both the solutions

 This unique offering ensures the safety of your cargo crafted to safeguard your cargo. Your goods are protected with seamless integration of top-notch logistics and insurance solutions.


Makes you Relax

During transit, your cargo faces various risks like theft, natural disasters, or accidents. Marine Cargo Insurance protects against a wide range of losses, ensuring your peace of mind.


End to End Solution

Doing business with us ensures peace of mind. Your shipment is insured seamlessly from door to door, regardless of transport mode or carrier.


Wide range of commodities

In the realm of your business, we recognize the significance of each cargo. That's why Cargo Insurance is accessible for a wide array of commodities.


Single Invoice

We Simplify your life with freight Insurance, consolidating all your bills into a single, regular Freight Invoice for your convenience.


Simple to protect

Fully aligned with our online booking portal, marine Cargo Insurance ensures comprehensive coverage for your cargo throughout the entire supply chain, all with just a few clicks.

Ready to Experience the Benefits of Cargo Insurance?

If you're prepared to eliminate any risks of cargo loss, consider utilizing cargo insurance to safeguard your shipments against unforeseen circumstances. When booking a shipment through FreightMango, you'll receive comprehensive information on insurance options to help you make an informed decision regarding the most suitable policy. Our committed team is dedicated to ensuring the seamless journey of your cargo. Reach out to us to explore the best freight insurance options and unlock a world of opportunities for your business.