Smart Freight Features

Experience the ease of operations with our Smart freight Logistics SaaS—your go-to solution for streamlining processes, minimizing costs, and effortlessly navigating the complexities of supply chain management. Transform your freight Managent into a seamless, efficient powerhouse and let your business thrive.


Analytics/Reporting Schedules

Gain quick access to vital information on accounts, leads, opportunities, activities, and more, allowing you to make informed decisions and drive success in real-time.


Customer Marketplace

connect directly with your audience in our vibrant customer marketplace. Boost visibility, build relationships, and seize growth opportunities tailored to your business needs. Join the marketplace revolution for enhanced customer engagement.


Track and Trace

Track and trace your shipments effortlessly with our advanced system. Stay in control with real-time insights from origin to destination, ensuring transparency and timely decision-making for a superior freight logistics experience.


White Labelling

This allows users to easily customize and brand the interface, presenting a professional, personalized experience for their clients. With SaaS, it's not just about logistics; it's about delivering a branded, trustworthy service.


Full Container Load Journey Support

Experience unparalleled assistance at every step, optimizing your FCL logistics for efficiency and success. Your container's journey is not just a shipment; it's a supported and streamlined end-to-end experience.


Less than Container Load Journey support

From origin to destination, our streamlined solution ensures efficient and reliable logistics for your LCL shipments. Experience hassle-free optimization with us.


Air Freight

Enhance your supply chain with our top-tier air freight services. From origin to destination, we provide swift, secure, and reliable delivery for your shipments. Trust us to streamline your Air freight logistics for maximum efficiency and peace of mind.

Effortless Freight
Management Simplified

Seamlessly handle your freight journey with simplified Quotation & Booking, Streamlined Rate Management, and Customer-Centric Operations.


Quotation Management

From creating quotes to tracking responses, our platform simplifies the entire workflow. Manage pricing, customize quotes, and track negotiations seamlessly. Elevate your sales process, save time, and enhance accuracy with our user-friendly quotation management solution, designed to empower your business growth.

Booking Management

Our intuitive booking management system empowers you to streamline the entire process, from booking to confirmation. Experience seamless coordination, real-time updates, and enhanced efficiency in handling all your bookings.

Rate Management

Revamp and streamline your freight processes with a single control tower. Easily search rates, manage margins, respond to RFQs, and prepare winning quotes—all in one platform for modernized efficiency.

Customer Management

Streamline communication, track interactions, and enhance overall customer experience with our user-friendly tools. From contact details to preferences, ensure a comprehensive customer management for sustained satisfaction and business success.


Fully Integrated Freight Ecosystem
to elevate your cargo control

Your Cargo Control with Effortless Management
and Enhanced Operations.

Discover Flexible and Affordable Pricing

At FreightMango, we provide competitive pricing options tailored to meet your unique logistics needs. Benefit from our high-quality, reliable services designed to optimize your supply chain and drive your business forward. Choose the best fit for your goals and enjoy premium service without compromise. For flexible pricing options, get in touch with us today.



/month billed annually
  • Quotation Management
  • Booking Management
  • Rate Management
  • Manual track and trace




/month billed annually
  • Basic + Below
  • Rate Management support/automation
  • Markup tier
  • Live track and trace
  • Analytics and reporting



/month billed annually
  • Advance + Below
  • Customer marketplace
  • Customer access management
  • ERP integration

See how easy it is to get quote with SaaS service

Explore the efficiency of acquiring quotes through our advanced SaaS service. Simplify the process, ensuring accuracy and streamlined efficiency for a formal and straightforward approach.