Tired of late payments for your shipped goods?

Trade finance is the answer – no more chasing payments! FreightMango gives shippers a solution that boosts working capital and business growth. Get up to 90% of your invoice value paid upfront using trade finance.

What Is Trade Finance?

Trade finance is financing that an importer uses to pay a supplier for goods. The financer is paid back by the importer once goods are sold.

Trade finance allows for more inventory and higher profits under circumstances where suppliers and importers have no prior relationship.

Financing terms often involve a monthly payout or a payment at a fixed interval.

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Why Choose Trade Finance?

With tight margins for carriers and shippers, increased consumer expectations for goods to arrive quickly and freight costs rising, it’s more important than ever to free up working capital. Trade finance enables shippers to preserve cash to reinvest in their business, while offering several benefits.

Zero to low interest rates

Focus on working capital manageme

Keep cost-to-serve down

Trade Finance Takes The Pressure Off

Trade finance helps shippers to avoid having to put pressure on carriers to extend payment terms, which can lead to a breakdown in relationships over money at a time when capacity is tight. Treating carriers well gives shippers a competitive advantage and trade finance helps to ease financial pressures so that everyone’s happy.

Leverage Freight Spend

With freight spend at 3% - 12% for most product-based companies, leveraging this spend to improve working capital through trade finance is a win-win.

Accelerate Cash Flow

Trade finance enables companies to easily accelerate cash flow by increasing working capital from 30 up to 90 days without impacting balance sheets.

Hold On To Cash

Trade finance is a freight payment solution that enables shippers to hold on to cash beyond the typical 30-day payment terms.

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