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Our FCL Shipping Services

For all your cargo needs, whether from your doorstep to a port, vice versa, or complete door-to-door services, we prioritize simplicity, reliability, and your peace of mind. Our seamless FCL shipping solution ensures the safety of your cargo, offering exclusive container use for reduced damage risk, quick handling, and better control. With competitive rates, we guarantee secure and timely delivery, ensuring a smooth shipping experience from point A to point B.

Port to Door

Receiving cargo at a seaport and transporting it to the intended recipient's destination

Door to Port

Transporting goods from the sender's location to a seaport for pickup by the recipient.

Door to Door

End to end delivery service from the sender's location to the recipient's destination.

Port to Port

Shipping commodities from one seaport to another.

What is FCL Shipping?

FCL, or Full Container Load, is an ocean shipment in which an entire shipping container is exclusively reserved for a single shipper's goods. This method is cost-effective for businesses with large quantities of goods to transport, as they pay for the use of the entire container, regardless of its capacity. FCL provides benefits such as minimized damage risk, faster loading/unloading, and enhanced shipping process control.. It is commonly contrasted with LCL (Less than Container Load), where multiple shippers share a container for smaller shipments.

When You Should Book FCL?

  • Large Shipments
    Book FCL when you have a substantial amount of cargo to transport. It's cost-effective for businesses with enough goods to fill an entire container.

  • High-Value or Fragile Cargo
    FCL is a suitable choice for shipping high-value or fragile items, as it reduces the risk of damage during handling and transit.

  • Time-Sensitive Shipments
    When time is of the essence, FCL can be a better option because it typically allows for quicker loading and unloading compared to shared container options like LCL.

Most Common FCL
Container Loads Types

20-foot container (TEU)

It has internal dimensions of approximately 19.5 L* 7.7 W *7.9 H. The door opening is about 7.5* 7.6 feet in height. Its cubic capacity is roughly 1,170 cubic feet, and it can typically carry cargo with a weight of up to 22,000 kilograms (48,500 pounds).

40-foot container (FEU)

It measures approximately 39.5 feet in length, 7.7 feet in width, and 7.9 feet in height internally, with a door opening of about 7.5 by 7.6 feet. It provides a spacious 2,390 cubic feet capacity and can carry up to 27,000 kilograms (59,500 pounds) of cargo, ideal for larger shipments.

40-foot high cube Container

It measures approximately 39.5 feet in length, 7.7 feet in width, and 8.9 feet in height internally. With a door opening of about 7.5 by 8.5 feet, it provides a spacious 2,694 cubic feet capacity and can carry up to 27,000 kilograms (59,500 pounds) of cargo. Ideal for shipping bulkier or taller items efficiently.

Ready to Experience the Benefits of FCL Shipping?

If you're ready to dive into a realm of cost-effective shipping solutions, then FCL is the key to unlocking your shipping potential. Embrace streamlined logistics, significant savings on freight costs, and a more efficient path to global trade success. Our dedicated team is here to ensure your cargo journey is not just smooth and efficient but also engaging. Get in touch with us today to embark on a journey towards shipping excellence and discover a world of opportunities for your business.