Local Experts, Global reach

FreightMango provides you with Customs clearance Services that simplify your imports and exports worldwide. We provide visibility and efficiency, a smooth compliance process, and a global network of customs experts to help keep your goods moving round the clock. Additionally, you also get the flexibility of adding customs at the time of booking your ocean shipment or at a later stage—just by using online solutions.

Reduced Compliance Costs

Automation standardizes the preparation, validation and submission of customs documents, thereby reducing errors. This ensures administrative cost savings, better asset security, and fewer penalties.

Supply Chain Optimization

Automation allows you to submit customs, trade and transport documents online. Pre-submission of customs declaration simplifies the entry of road, air, or ocean freight, helping your assets get through in less time.

Logistical Advantages

Less time-to-release at borders increases your regional competitiveness as a freight forwarder, shipper or carrier. Simple automated procedures rationalize your resources, and improve your customer relations.

Customs Clearance Services That Keep Stakeholders Happy

FreightMango can help you with customs clearance of import cargo and export customs clearance at both origin and destination, including expediting the process. Our core services include:

  • Import Declaration
  • Export Declaration

Import Customs Clearance

Import customs clearance is a government requirement to gain release of inbound cargo that involves clearing goods through customs borders and territories. The import process involves checks on the value, quantity, origin and destination of the goods.

Export Customs Clearance

To export, you need to be in compliance with the (country name) export customs clearance requirements.

This is a government requirement to gain permission to load an outbound vessel for exporters shipping outside of their trade zones.

Complete Customs Compliance

FreightMango enhances the customs clearance process to improve compliance, helping you to manage documents and giving you complete customs clearance visibility at your fingertips.

Receive notifications on your goods being picked up, whether your freight passed clearance and whether customs agents accepted, rejected or asked you to modify your customs declaration.

The FreightMango portal also offers trade optimization consulting, including:

  • Duty Minimization
  • Alternate Sourcing
  • Free Trade Agreement Advisory

Freight Marketplace Solutions

FBA Imports

FreightMango delivers a complete solution to manage your shipments from producer/supplier to Amazon distribution centers.

Ocean Freight

The FreightMango digital freight marketplace takes the load off ocean freight management. Manage your FCL and LCL shipments with ease.

Trade Finance

Get paid quicker for your shipped goods, and use the money for your working capital or business growth. Get up to 90% of your invoice value paid upfront.