5 most important things to look out for when planning to ship out of India

Updated on May 28, 2023

Sea Shipping from India

India has more than 7,500 kilometers of coastline, making it one of the largest maritime nations in the world. Compared to a few years ago, more than 600 MMT more cargo can now be transported across the nation, and this growth is anticipated to continue in the years to come. Planning ahead and thoroughly understanding the procedure is essential for sea shipping from India, especially when using sea freight.

If you want to ship goods by sea from India, you need to be aware of important details like available options for shipping at sea, the cost of ocean freight, and shipping laws. 

The five most crucial factors to take into account when adopting sea shipping out of India will be outlined in this blog.

      1. Understanding Sea Shipment Options:

An economical and dependable option for international trade is shipping goods by sea. It's crucial to comprehend the various sea shipment options available, though. Full container loads (FCL) and less-than-container loads (LCL) are the two main categories of sea shipments. FCL should be used for larger shipments that can fill an entire container, while LCL should be used for smaller shipments that can be combined with other items. The best shipping method for your shipment will be determined by you after you have considered your options.

     2. Researching Ocean Freight Rates:
Ocean freight rates significantly influence the cost-effectiveness of sea shipping from India. These prices can be influenced by a number of factors, including market demand, shipment volume, destination, and container size. The importance of researching and comparing ocean freight rates from various shipping firms and freight forwarders cannot be overstated. Getting several quotes will help you make an informed choice and bargain for a fair price.

     3. Considering Ocean Freight Prices:

It's important to consider other shipping expenses besides India's standard ocean freight rates. 
These include port fees, customs duties, fuel surcharges, paperwork, and insurance expenses. Examining these extra expenses in detail will allow you to calculate the total ocean freight. You should work with a skilled freight forwarder who can help you minimize these costs and effectively plan for them.

     4. Compliance with Shipping Regulations:

It is essential to adhere to the shipping laws and documentation requirements of the origin and destination countries before exporting goods from India. Learn about the export laws, the customs rules, and any special paperwork required for the products you plan to ship. If you don't follow these guidelines, your shipment could be delayed, subject to penalties, or even be rejected. Smooth compliance with shipping regulations can be ensured by using the services of an experienced freight forwarder.

  • In India, the following items are forbidden:
  • pornographic or offensive content
  • Ivory
  • Misrepresenting India's external borders in literature or maps

These items are restricted, so you'll need to ship them with a few extra documents and information:

  • Medications
  • used electronic devices
  • Other second-hand goods

   5. Choosing the Right Shipping Partner:

A smooth and successful shipment process depends on choosing the right shipping partner. Choose a dependable shipping company or freight forwarder with experience managing shipments from India. Take into account their track record, client feedback, and network coverage. A dependable shipping partner will provide competitive rates, effective documentation support, timely deliveries, and handling of any unforeseen challenges that may come up during the shipping process.


The five crucial factors mentioned above must be carefully considered when making shipping plans for merchandise from India. 
The key to a seamless and affordable shipping experience is understanding the sea shipment options, researching ocean freight rates from India, evaluating ocean freight costs, adhering to shipping regulations, and selecting the right shipping partner. It should be necessary to ensure that the products are shipped securely, that they reach their destination on time, and that your company is expanding internationally by paying close attention to these crucial details.

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