Benefits When Booking Shipment With Freight Marketplace You Can’t Ignore

Updated on July 14, 2023

Freight Marketplace Benefits

There is no doubt that shipping rates have risen over the past few years due to the precarious state of global supply chains whereas Carrier capacity remains a precious resource. Shipping operations continue to face congestion, shortages, and cash flow challenges. How can shippers ensure timely delivery in the face of such challenges?

In addition to mitigating several issues carriers and shippers face, a freight marketplace can help them find the best shipping option.


What is a digital freight marketplace?

The freight marketplace connects buyers and sellers directly through the internet. Transporters and freight forwarders are able to fulfill clients' shipping needs by connecting them with clients in need of freight shipping quotes. In addition, freight forwarders and carriers can use online shipping marketplaces to meet new clients outside their current network, since it helps introduce them to new customers.


How does the Digital Freight Marketplace work?

Think of the convenience of inputting all the details of your shipment once. Comparing all available forwarders and carriers, their rates, and booking and paying for one at the same time. Additionally, you can track your shipment, manage important documents, and manage paperwork. Freight forwarders and carriers can also use it in a similar way. That sounds like a dream scenario, doesn't it? The modern freight industry allows for such a vision.


Benefits of Freight Marketplace

Missed Appointments

One of the biggest issues affecting the freight booking is the need for timely pick-ups and delivery of cargo. Without a reliable service, carriers are forced to delay their shipments in order to wait for appointments that may never arrive. This delay can cause missed appointments.

This problem can be solved by leveraging a marketplace that automatically polls terminal websites, books appointments and returns, allowing carriers to more rapidly pick up and deliver cargo. As a result, it will be possible to avoid delays in the process that could result in missed appointments (i.e. waiting for an appointment to be issued while an empty is returned to a terminal).

In the past few years, many platforms have been able to cut down on waiting times. The API connectivity to terminals of some platforms helps ensure real-time scheduling. There is an API strategy in place for all of the top capacity marketplaces to handle programming.

The API allows you to unlock data from systems, to transfer data into processes, or to integrate software and enable communication between them. APIs enable computers to communicate effectively. A connection of this type improves the chances of securing appointments quickly, allowing drivers to reach their destinations without taking too long to get there. API strategies are in place on all top capacity marketplaces to handle programming.


Quick transportation and quotes

It is notoriously tedious to request freight quotations, especially ocean freight, since they require back and forth emails and take a long time to be verified. As compared to a traditional freight marketplace, a digital freight marketplace provides price options within minutes, if not seconds. Clients only need to enter their cargo details, the route, pick-up and delivery dates, and other services they need. Bidding will then begin between carriers and freight forwarders to get the ocean freight quote online.


Streamlined communication

Freight marketplaces allow clients to contact freight forwarders or carriers directly. With this information, you are assured of knowing who is hauling your cargo and how it is being transported.It's easier than ever to get answers and updates; you can go right to the source! The ability to communicate directly with freight forwarders and carriers that understand your needs is also crucial to building long-term partnerships.


Shipping services at affordable rates

There is no room for hesitation when you join an online freight marketplace that is built on transparency. Thus, different freight forwarders and carriers would bid and compete on your request, giving you a wide range of options to select the most suitable offer.


No more bargaining

Digital freight marketplaces have eliminated the need for negotiations. When multiple shipment bookings are requested, and different offers are presented, no phone calls or emails will overwhelm inboxes. There are other offers to choose from if the client does not like the offer. Likewise, even if a freight forwarder or carrier declines a shipment request or if an offer is rejected, there are always other opportunities. In every case, both sides benefit.


No paperwork

It will be almost impossible to be overwhelmed by paperwork as everything will be automated, from shipping details to payments, from documents to contracts.


Accountability and credibility

Users (such as freight forwarders, carriers, and clients) have access to a rating and evaluation system to ensure accountability and credibility. Upon completion of each shipping operation, freight forwarders, carriers, and clients rate one another.


Bottom Line

The logistics industry is changing. It's evolving, and one of the biggest shifts is that we're seeing an uptick in automation.

As a freight forwarder, you're in the business of getting freight from point A to point B. But what if your job was actually to get your clients' goods from point A to point B? That's where Www.freightmango comes in.

At its core, Www.freightmango is a platform that makes it easier for you to automate, optimize and centralize your deals while maximizing productivity and visibility. The more shippers, carriers and clients we have working together in our ecosystem, the more efficient our entire network becomes—which ultimately brings value to everyone. That's how clients pay less.

Now imagine what would happen if you could automate only the most important aspects of shipping deals—and let us do all the rest for you? That's exactly what we do with Www.freightmango! Contact Www.freightmango today!

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