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Updated on July 19, 2023

Online Shipment Tracking App

Sea freight shipping is essential to international trade in the modern, globalized world because it allows companies to move goods across continents quickly and effectively. However, it can be time- and effort-consuming to manage and track the movement of shipments. Fortunately, the development of modern technology has led to the emergence of products like FreightMango, completely altering how we manage sea freight logistics. FreightMango provides real-time tracking capabilities, giving companies and individuals better visibility and control over their shipments. 


In addition to discussing the importance of sea freight shipping, sea freight rates, and the calculation involved, we will also examine the features and advantages of FreightMango in this blog.


The Importance of Sea Freight Shipping:


International trade relies heavily on sea freight shipping because it enables companies to move massive amounts of cargo over great distances. Since sea routes account for more than 90% of global trade, businesses need an effective logistics system. Cost-effectiveness, the capacity to transport large and heavy items, and the availability of regular schedules for important ports worldwide are just a few benefits of sea freight shipping.


Understanding Sea Freight Rates and Calculation:


It is crucial for businesses to comprehend the rates and calculations involved in sea freight shipping. The weight and volume of the cargo, the distance traveled, the shipping service type (LCL or FCL), and any additional services necessary, such as customs clearance or insurance, all have an impact on sea freight rates.


These elements must be taken into account when calculating sea freight rates, which can be done by using calculators or by speaking with freight forwarders who can give precise estimates. Businesses can estimate their shipping expenses, create budgets, and bargain for lower shipping costs with shipping carriers with the help of accurate sea freight rate calculations.


The Role of FreightMango in Sea Freight Shipping:


FreightMango is a cutting-edge logistics platform that allows companies and individuals to streamline and simplify their sea freight shipping procedures. Due to its sophisticated tracking capabilities, it offers real-time visibility into the movement of shipments, enhancing both customer satisfaction and supply chain effectiveness.


Real-time shipment tracking is one of FreightMango's standout features. FreightMango enables users to follow their cargo's path from origin to destination by utilizing GPS technology and integrating with shipping companies. Thanks to this level of visibility, users can recognize and respond to any potential supply chain delays or disruptions, which promotes proactive decision-making.


FreightMango offers users comprehensive information about their shipments, such as estimated arrival times, departure times, and transit updates. Businesses can use this information to efficiently plan their operations, control inventory levels, and give customers accurate delivery estimates.


FreightMango also provides thorough documentation management. In the platform, users can securely access and store important documents like bills of lading, commercial invoices, and packing lists. The risk of document loss or damage is reduced thanks to this digitization of paperwork, making it easier for all the parties involved in shipping to communicate effectively.


Additionally, the platform from FreightMango supports both LCL and FCL shipping methods. Businesses can use FreightMango, which offers flexibility and convenience, whether they need to use an entire container (FCL) or have smaller shipments that can be combined with others (LCL).




In conclusion, FreightMango is a game-changer for sea freight shipping, giving companies and individuals unrivaled control and visibility over their shipments. Users can proactively manage their supply chain, reduce delays, and give precise delivery estimates to their clients by utilizing its real-time tracking capabilities. FreightMango streamlines the logistics process with features like thorough documentation management and LCL and FCL shipping option support. Platforms like FreightMango open the door for increased effectiveness and customer satisfaction in the global trade landscape as long as the world depends on sea freight shipping.


With FreightMango, experience the power of seamless logistics management and real-time tracking! By enabling companies to easily track the progress of their orders and take total control of their supply chain, our ground-breaking platform transforms sea freight shipping. FreightMango allows you to track your shipments from start to finish, ensuring prompt deliveries and proactive decision-making. Our platform offers precise quotes and simplified document management, so say goodbye to the difficulties of sea freight rates and calculations. When you choose FreightMango for hassle-free sea freight shipping, your company will benefit from the efficiency and transparency it deserves.

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