How to Get the Best Price For International trade Shipping from India

Updated on May 31, 2023

Get Rates International Trade Shipping From India

Global trade shipping is essential because it allows companies to move goods across borders efficiently. Finding the most affordable shipping rates is essential for Indian companies engaged in international trade in order to maintain competitiveness and profitability. 
Domestic Indian sellers now frequently engage in international eCommerce. A report claims that India's eCommerce market will expand by 21.5% in 2022.

Finding the best and least expensive international trade shipping from India that provides all advantages, such as discounted rates, global coverage, etc., is difficult. This blog aims to provide insightful information and beneficial advice in order to get the best deal for shipping goods internationally from India.

Understand International Trade Shipping Options:

Shipping goods by sea from India is one of the most popular and best ways to do this. Full container loads (FCL) and less than container loads (LCL) are two options available for sea freight. Cost optimization requires a thorough understanding of these options.

FCL: Since you pay for the entire container, FCL is frequently more affordable for larger shipments. When shipping a significant amount of merchandise, this choice is ideal.

LCL: If your container is too small to fit everything inside, sharing container space with other shippers will help. Even though this option might be slightly more expensive per unit, it can still be practical for smaller orders.

Research and Compare Shipping Providers:

Researching and comparing shipping companies is crucial to finding the best deal for international trade shipping. Consider elements like reputation, dependability, service excellence, and affordable pricing. To find the most affordable option without sacrificing dependability, request quotes from various providers and compare their offerings. 

Optimize packaging and consolidation:

Shipping costs for international trade can be decreased by consolidating and packaging products effectively. Make sure your products are packed tightly and sparingly to reduce wasted space. Consolidating several shipments into one can also reduce costs because it requires fewer containers and makes better use of available space.

Negotiate Freight Rates:

The best price for shipping goods internationally can be obtained by negotiating freight rates. It is especially useful for companies that ship frequently or in large quantities. Create enduring relationships with shipping companies and use the volume of your shipments to your advantage when negotiating lower prices. While negotiating, consider elements like the quantity of cargo, shipping frequency, and reliability requirements.

Utilize Freight Forwarders:

In order to get affordable shipping costs and handle the challenges of shipping goods internationally, freight forwarders can be very helpful. These specialized intermediaries are highly knowledgeable about the market, have developed connections with shipping lines, and are skilled at navigating customs and paperwork requirements. They can handle various logistics-related tasks, haggle over prices, and plan out the best shipping routes, helping you save time and money.

Consider Seasonality and Market Conditions:

Depending on market conditions and seasonal demand, shipping costs can change. Plan your shipments in accordance with peak times by being mindful of them. When possible, stay away from peak times because that is when demand is at its peak, and prices are typically at their highest. By strategically timing your shipments, you might be able to negotiate lower prices.

Optimize Customs Clearance:

For international trade to succeed, customs clearance must be efficient. There may be additional fees and penalties due to delays or document errors. Verify the accuracy and completeness of all required documentation, including commercial invoices, packing lists, and certificates of origin. To avoid any unforeseen circumstances or unforeseen costs, familiarize yourself with the customs laws and requirements in the destination country. 

Leverage Technology:

Using technology to your advantage can reduce costs and streamline international trade shipping procedures. Use online tools that compare prices, track shipments, and effectively manage documentation. These platforms enable you to make informed decisions while saving time and easing administrative burdens. They also provide transparency.


Knowledge of the available shipping options, thorough research, negotiation savvy, and strategic planning are all necessary to get the best deal on international trade shipping from India. Businesses can achieve affordable and effective international trade shipping by utilizing the newest technologies, optimizing packaging and consolidation, and working with skilled freight forwarders.

Full Container Load (FCL), which charges for the entire container, is the best option when shipping a significant amount of cargo. However, if your shipment is smaller, you can share container space with other shippers by selecting Less than Container Load (LCL), which lowers costs for smaller quantities. 

Our extensive blog offers insightful analysis and useful advice on shipping goods internationally, and details on sea freight, cargo shipment costs, container shipping costs, and sea freight charges. You can easily navigate the complexities of shipping goods internationally with FreightMango as your dependable partner, ensuring your company's profitability and competitiveness. 

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