Navigating Customs Procedures for India-China Ocean Freight Shipments

Updated on June 07, 2023

Customs Procedures India China Ocean Freight

The world's largest economy is that of China. That makes it an undeniable force in international trade. The International Trade Administration (ITA) reports that Indian exports to China decreased to $120.34 billion in 2019 from $129.89 billion the year prior. An estimated $58.9 billion worth of services were exported from India to China. The Trump Administration (U.S.) imposed a number of tariffs on Chinese goods in 2018 in response to what it saw as unfair trade practices. China retaliated with new tariffs of its own on American goods, and the two nations have been at odds ever since. 

The negotiations between the two countries seemed to move forward when the United States and China announced a Phase One Agreement in January 2020. China will buy a further $200 billion in goods and services from the US in 2020 and 2021.

Ocean freight shipping has emerged as a crucial mode of transportation for companies wishing to ship goods between these two economic giants due to the expansion of trade between China and India. However, navigating the customs procedures related to ocean freight shipments between India and China can be a difficult and challenging task. To ensure efficient and seamless sea shipping from India to China, it is essential to comprehend the customs clearance services and procedures. 

To successfully ship ocean freight, it's crucial to use trustworthy customs clearance services, which will be covered in this blog post's in-depth examination of the main customs procedures.

Understanding India-China Ocean Freight Customs Services

Customs services greatly aid the facilitation of international trade. Understanding the customs services involved is crucial when shipping goods by ocean from India to China. These services include creating customs documentation, submitting customs declarations, controlling duties and taxes, and arranging inspections and tests. The customs clearance procedure for India-China ocean freight can be simplified by working with a reputable freight forwarder or customs broker specialising in this kind of business.

Customs Clearance Services for India to China

An essential part of the ocean freight shipping process is customs clearance. It entails providing the required paperwork to the customs authorities to obtain approval for the goods to enter or exit a country. The necessary paperwork for ocean freight shipments between India and China typically consists of a commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading, insurance certificate, and any necessary permits or licenses. By enlisting a customs clearance service provider with experience in India-China trade, these documents can be prepared accurately and on time while reducing the chance of delays or fines. 

Sea Shipping from India to China: Process and Considerations

When transporting goods by sea from India to China, there are a number of crucial factors to consider. According to the shipment volume, selecting the right shipping method, such as full container load (FCL) or less than container load (LCL), is crucial. While LCL is best for smaller shipments that can be combined with other cargo, FCL is appropriate for larger shipments that can fill an entire container.

To help with budgeting, it is also important to figure out the cost of shipping goods to China by sea. The distance between the ports, the amount and weight of the cargo, the kind of container used, and any additional services necessary, like insurance or customs clearance, all impact the price. You can get affordable rates and navigate the complexities of calculating the cost of sea freight by working with a reliable freight forwarder.

Ocean Freight Shipping to China: Advantages and Challenges

Ocean freight shipping benefits India-China trade in a number of ways. It is less expensive than air freight, especially for shipments of large quantities. Additionally, because of their capacity for carrying large loads of cargo, ocean vessels are the best option for companies conducting import-export business between China and India.

However, shipping freight by ocean is not without its difficulties. Obstacles can include lengthy transit times, the possibility of delays brought on by bad weather or port congestion, the requirement for thorough documentation, and compliance with customs laws. These difficulties can be reduced by working with a knowledgeable freight forwarder who is familiar with the specifics of ocean freight shipping between India and China.


It takes careful planning, knowledge of customs clearance services, and cooperation with reputable freight forwarding and customs clearance service providers to successfully navigate customs procedures for ocean freight shipments between India and China. Businesses can guarantee efficient sea container shipping from India to China by utilizing the knowledge of experts familiar with the complexities of this trade route. Ocean freight shipping between India and China can be a helpful and successful route for companies looking to increase their global reach with the right planning and strategic alliances.

Experience seamless and trouble-free ocean freight shipments between India and China with Freightmango. Our thorough customs clearance services and competence in navigating complex customs procedures will ensure that your cargo reaches its destination without incident. You can rely on Freightmango's dependable and effective services to meet your needs for ocean freight shipping. By collaborating with us, you can increase your company's potential and minimize the hassles associated with trade between China and India.  

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