Port Guide: Shipping from India to Major African Ports

Updated on June 08, 2023

Biggest India to Africa Shipping Ports

A long-standing trade relationship has grown stronger between India and Africa over time. With ocean freight shipments being the preferred mode of transportation, the shipping industry is essential in facilitating this trade. 

In this port guide, we'll look at how to ship goods from India to important ports in Africa, along with the costs and important factors for successful freight shipping.

Sea Routes and Ports:

Shipping from India to Africa frequently utilizes a number of sea routes and ports. From the port of Mundra in India to Mombasa in Kenya is one of the well-traveled routes. This route provides quick cargo transit times and connects the Indian subcontinent to East Africa. A vital route connecting the west coast of India to the thriving port city of Lagos in West Africa runs from Nava Shiva, India, to Lagos, Nigeria.

Sea Freight Costs and Considerations:

The price of shipping goods by sea from India to Africa depends on a number of variables, including the distance, the volume of the cargo, the shipping route, and the particular needs. Consult with shipping firms or freight forwarders who can offer customized quotes based on your unique requirements if you want accurate cost estimates.

Additionally, it's crucial to consider factors besides costs when organizing your shipment. It is important to consider additional factors, including transit times, shipping line dependability, and documentation requirements. Working with a knowledgeable freight forwarder can make it easier to navigate these issues and guarantee a smooth shipping process.

Mundra to Mombasa: Connecting Indian Subcontinent to East Africa:

East Africa and the Indian subcontinent can be directly connected by shipping from Mundra in the western Indian state of Gujarat to Mombasa in Kenya. 

One of India's largest private ports, Mundra Port is run by the Adani Group and acts as a significant hub for global trade. The largest seaport in Kenya, Mombasa Port, however, is a gateway to a number of landlocked nations, including South Sudan, Uganda, and Rwanda.

Nava Shiva to Lagos: Linking West Coast India to West Africa:

Another important port for shipments from India to Africa is Nava Shiva, which is located in the state of Maharashtra. It offers a direct connection between the bustling port of Lagos in Nigeria and the west coast of India. Nigeria's largest and busiest seaport, the Lagos Port Complex, is a key entry point for trade into the West African region.

Considerations for Successful Shipping

A few essential considerations are necessary to guarantee a positive shipping experience:

  1. Documentation: For international shipping, proper documentation is crucial. Bills of lading, commercial invoices, packing lists, and any other particular paperwork the destination nation needs fall under this category.
  2. Customs Clearance: Become familiar with India's and the African destination port's customs laws and clearance processes. Working with a knowledgeable freight forwarder can speed up this procedure.
  3. Packaging and labeling: To protect goods during transit and ensure easy port handling, cargo must be properly packaged and labeled. It is advised to adhere to international packaging standards.
  4. Insurance: To protect your goods from potential transportation risks, consider obtaining marine cargo insurance. Contact insurance providers to find out more about the various coverage options.


The trade relationship between the two regions depends on shipping to and from major African ports. Business connections can be seamless, and new markets can be explored thanks to effective sea routes like Mundra to Mombasa and Nava Shiva to Lagos. By considering 
With the costs, sea routes, and key considerations, businesses can ensure a successful shipping process.

It's important to consider several factors when calculating the costs of shipping goods by sea from India to Africa. Some of these considerations include the distance between the ports of origin and destination, the volume and weight of the cargo, any additional services required (such as customs clearance or inland transportation), and the going rate in the market. Obtaining precise and affordable freight quotes that are suited to particular needs can be made easier by working with reputable shipping companies or freight forwarders.

Proper packaging and labeling ensure smooth port handling and the protection of goods during transit. Consider factors like fragility, perishability, and transportation circumstances when packing cargo. International packaging standard compliance contributes to the safe and effective delivery of goods. 

In conclusion, careful consideration of costs, sea routes, and essential elements for successful shipping is necessary when shipping goods from India to significant African ports. Businesses can successfully navigate the challenges of ocean freight shipping and seize the opportunities offered by the India-Africa trade corridor by working with reputable shipping companies or freight forwarders, ensuring proper documentation, comprehending customs procedures, and taking measures to protect goods through packaging and insurance.

The thorough port guide from FreightMango offers helpful information on the procedure, expenses, and factors involved in shipping your cargo from India to Africa. Whether you're shipping from Nava Shiva to Lagos or from Mundra to Mombasa, our skilled team will ensure the process is simple and quick. Shipping sea containers from India to Africa with FreightMango is dependable, affordable, and hassle-free.

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