Ensuring Customer Satisfaction: Smooth Transportation from Pre-Shipment to Post-Shipment with FreightMango

Updated on June 13, 2023

Sea Shipping Services

Transportation that is reliable and efficient is crucial for businesses to succeed in the fast-paced world of international trade. It can be difficult to manage ocean freight costs, and container freight rates and locate trustworthy freight shipping services when using sea transportation. However, because of the emergence of online freight marketplaces like FreightMango, companies now have access to a convenient platform that ensures smooth transportation from pre-shipment to post-shipment. 

This article examines how offering affordable prices, dependable services, and higher levels of customer satisfaction by FreightMango revolutionizes sea freight shipping.

Types of Pre-Shipment Finance

  • Packing Credit
  • Advance against Cheques/Drafts etc., representing Advance Payments.

Pre-shipment finance is extended in the following forms :

  • Packing Credit in Indian Rupee
  • Packing Credit in Foreign Currency (PCFC)

When a seller needs payment before shipping the goods, a financial institution will issue pre-shipment finance. Pre-shipment financing, also known as pre-export financing, is primarily intended to:

  • Procure raw materials.
  • Carry out the manufacturing process.
  • Provide a secure warehouse for goods and raw materials.
  • Process and pack the goods.
  • Ship the goods to the buyers.
  • Meet another financial cost of the business.

The Challenges of Sea Freight Shipping:

Sea freight shipping is essential to international trade because it provides companies with a dependable and affordable solution. However, the challenges of handling container freight rates and ocean freight charges can be overwhelming. Conventional approaches to contacting numerous freight forwarders, negotiating prices, and organizing shipments frequently result in inefficiencies, delays, and higher costs.

Introducing FreightMango: An Online Freight Marketplace: 

FreightMango, an innovative online freight marketplace, addresses companies' difficulties with sea freight shipping. FreightMango makes finding trustworthy freight shipping companies easier, comparing container freight rates and managing shipments using cutting-edge technology. Shippers and freight forwarders can collaborate and communicate in real-time throughout transportation, thanks to this user-friendly platform that links them.

Competitive Sea Freight Prices:

Utilizing FreightMango has several benefits, one of which is having access to affordable sea freight rates. The platform enables businesses to compare and select the most affordable option by combining numerous shipping quotes from various freight forwarders. The risk of unexpected costs or fees is reduced thanks to FreightMango's transparent pricing structure, which guarantees that shippers understand the costs involved.

Reliable Freight Shipping Services:

FreightMango works with a network of reputable freight forwarders and shipping lines to provide trustworthy services. Businesses can access comprehensive profiles of freight forwarders through the platform, including client feedback and ratings, to help them make wise decisions. Improved customer satisfaction and peace of mind are the results of this accountability and transparency.

Streamlined Shipment Management:

From pre-shipment to post-shipment, the entire shipment management process is streamlined by FreightMango. Businesses can easily create and manage shipments through the platform, track cargo in real time, and contact their freight forwarders.  
The central dashboard gives a thorough overview of all shipments that are currently in progress, allowing for effective coordination and lowering administrative burdens.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:

Businesses can significantly improve customer satisfaction by utilizing the services of FreightMango. The platform's streamlined procedures, affordable costs, and trustworthy services result in shorter transit times, lower expenses, and better cargo visibility. These elements help businesses maintain a competitive edge in the global market by enhancing the customer experience.

Quantum of Finance

An exporter receives the Quantum of Finance in exchange for a Letter of Credit or anticipated order. The idea of need-based finance serves as the sole guiding principle. The banks decide the percentage of margin based on things like:

  • The nature of Order.
  • The nature of the commodity.
  • The capability of the exporter to bring in the requisite contribution.

Those exporters who meet the requirements below are given access to this facility.


  • The DGFT assigns each importer and exporter a ten-digit code number.
  • The exporter shouldn't be placed on the RBI's caution list.
  • If the intended export of the goods is not covered by an OGL (Open General Licence), the exporter must possess the necessary license or quota permit.


Smooth shipping from pre-shipment to post-shipment is essential in the world of international trade to guarantee client satisfaction. Businesses can get around the difficulties of sea freight shipping by using the services of online freight marketplaces like FreightMango. FreightMango transforms how companies handle their logistics by offering affordable prices, dependable services, and simplified shipment management. As the world becomes more interconnected, FreightMango provides a solution that enables businesses to easily negotiate the challenges of international trade, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction and improved business outcomes.

By connecting you with reputable freight forwarders through our online freight marketplace, we can offer you shipping options at reasonable costs. With FreightMango, you can quickly compare prices, follow the progress of your cargo in real time, and automate all aspects of shipment management, from planning to execution. Utilize the dependable platform that is revolutionizing sea transportation to raise customer satisfaction, cut costs, and improve business outcomes. Try FreightMango immediately to discover a new level of dependability and convenience in your freight shipping services.

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