Which Company to Choose When Looking to Export and Import From India

Updated on December 10, 2023

Export and Import From India

India is a fantastic location to launch an export company for a number of reasons. The main factor allowing many small to medium-sized businesses in India to implement the import-export model is their access to low-cost labour and materials.


Sea freight is still a preferred method for importing and exporting goods because it is economical and can handle large volumes. The key to a successful and efficient trading process, though, is choosing the right company to handle your sea shipments. 


This blog post will review important considerations when selecting a company to handle sea exports from/to India. 


Reputation and Experience:


A company's reputation and experience in the field must be considered before choosing them to handle your sea export or import needs from India. Choose businesses that have a history of timely shipments and satisfied customers. A well-established freight forwarder or shipping company will frequently have the resources, contacts, and knowledge of the market required to handle your cargo effectively.


Range of Services:


Think about the variety of services the business provides. Do they offer comprehensive services that cover everything from warehousing to insurance to customs clearance? Your logistics process can be made simpler and time and effort saved with a full-service offering. Make sure the company specializes in the specific kind of cargo you want to import or export, such as perishable goods, hazardous materials, or oversized items.


Network and Coverage:


Your sea shipments can be more effectively handled if your business is well-connected and has a wide network of partners and agents worldwide. They should have established connections with shipping lines, port administrations, and customs officials to ensure efficient operations. 


The company should cover the main ports and trade routes that are pertinent to your business. Evaluate their ability to handle both import and export requirements seamlessly.


Technology and Tracking:


The status and location of your cargo must be informed to you via effective shipment tracking. Pick a business that provides reliable online platforms and technology systems for tracking sea shipments. This allows you to monitor your products in real-time, guaranteeing transparency and peace of mind throughout transportation. To easily access shipment data and documents, see if the company offers a user-friendly interface.




Freight rates greatly influence the cost of your imports or exports as a whole. Getting quotes from various businesses and comparing their sea freight prices is wise. When assessing the overall cost-effectiveness, consider the company's reputation, the caliber of its services, and any additional fees, such as those associated with documentation, storage, and customs duties.


Compliance and Documentation: 


Numerous rules, procedures, and documentation standards are necessary for international trade. Ensure the business you select has experience dealing with the required paperwork, such as certificates of origin, bills of lading, commercial invoices, and customs documentation. It is possible to avoid penalties and delays by complying with import and export regulations from India and by being aware of trade agreements and tariffs.


Customer Service:


When dealing with the difficulties of shipping goods by sea, responsive and proactive customer service is crucial. Choose a company that will give you access to a dedicated account manager or customer service agent who will answer your questions and send you updates on time. Excellent customer service is demonstrated by timely responses, unambiguous lines of communication, and a readiness to address your concerns or fix any problems.




Making the right business decision can greatly impact your company's operations when it comes to importing and exporting goods via sea freight from India. When choosing, consider elements like reputation, experience, service scope, network and coverage, technology and tracking prowess, cost-effectiveness, compliance and documentation expertise, and customer service. 


The company's financial stability and insurance coverage should also be considered. A financially secure company has a higher chance of withstanding any unforeseen difficulties or market fluctuations. Your cargo is protected from possible losses or damages during transit with adequate insurance coverage.


Your sea shipments can be tracked in real-time using our state-of-the-art technology, providing transparency and peace of mind. FreightMango is the go-to option for seamless sea freight logistics thanks to its competitive sea freight rates, compliance knowledge, and committed customer service. With FreightMango, expand your company and take advantage of hassle-free trade. 

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