Salalah (OMSLL)


  • Dhofar Governorate, Oman
  • Coordinates: [Provide coordinates if available]


  • Salalah Port Services Company

Port Type

  • Deep-sea Port


  • Container terminals
  • General cargo terminals
  • Liquid bulk terminals
  • Dry bulk terminals
  • Ro-Ro terminals
  • Free zone facilities
  • Support services and infrastructure

Port Statistics

  • Handles a significant volume of containerized cargo
  • Supports diverse cargo handling operations

Services Offered

  • Container handling and storage
  • General cargo handling and storage
  • Liquid bulk cargo handling and storage
  • Dry bulk cargo handling and storage
  • Ro-Ro cargo handling
  • Value-added services in the free zone


  • Well-connected to major shipping routes
  • Access to global markets
  • Proximity to key trade routes, including the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean


  • One of the largest ports in the region
  • Plays a vital role in Oman's economic growth and development

Economic Impact

  • Contributes to Oman's economy by facilitating trade and commerce
  • Generates employment opportunities
  • Attracts investment through its free zone facilities

The Port of Salalah is situated in the Dhofar Governorate of Oman. It is operated by the Salalah Port Services Company, responsible for managing and developing the port.

The port is classified as a deep-sea port, offering a wide range of facilities to handle different types of cargo. These facilities include container terminals, general cargo terminals, liquid bulk terminals, dry bulk terminals, Ro-Ro terminals, as well as free zone facilities. The port is equipped with comprehensive support services and infrastructure to ensure efficient operations. The Port of Salalah handles a significant volume of containerized cargo, serving as a major transshipment hub in the region. It also supports diverse cargo handling operations, including general cargo, liquid bulk, dry bulk, and Ro-Ro cargo.

Services offered at the port encompass container handling and storage, general cargo handling and storage, liquid bulk cargo handling and storage, dry bulk cargo handling and storage, as well as Ro-Ro cargo handling. Additionally, the port provides value-added services within its free zone, attracting businesses and promoting economic activities.

In terms of connectivity, the Port of Salalah enjoys excellent access to major shipping routes, connecting it to global markets. Its strategic location near key trade routes, such as the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean, enhances its significance as a vital gateway for trade and commerce.

The Port of Salalah is one of the largest ports in the region and plays a crucial role in Oman's economic growth and development. Its operations contribute to the country's economy by facilitating international trade, attracting investment, and generating employment opportunities. Overall, the Port of Salalah serves as a vital maritime gateway for Oman, supporting the nation's economic prosperity and acting as a key facilitator of global trade.

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