Ras Laffan (QARLF)


  • Ras Laffan Industrial City, Qatar
  • Coordinates: 25°55'27"N, 51°33'57"E


  • Qatar Petroleum

Port Type

  • Industrial Port


  • LNG terminals
  • Gas processing plants
  • Storage facilities
  • Marine support services

Port Statistics

  • Largest LNG export terminal in the world
  • Handles a significant portion of Qatar's gas exports

Services Offered

  • LNG handling and export
  • Gas processing and storage
  • Marine services and support


  • Well-connected by dedicated pipeline networks
  • Access to international shipping routes


  • Vital hub for Qatar's natural gas industry
  • Key contributor to Qatar's economy and energy sector

Economic Impact

  • Major source of revenue for Qatar
  • Generates employment opportunities
  • Drives economic growth and development

Ras Laffan Port is located in Ras Laffan Industrial City, Qatar. It is operated by Qatar Petroleum, which oversees the port's operations and development.

The port is primarily an industrial port with a focus on natural gas. It houses LNG terminals, gas processing plants, storage facilities, and marine support services. It serves as the largest LNG export terminal in the world, handling a significant portion of Qatar's gas exports. Ras Laffan Port offers a range of services, including LNG handling and export, gas processing and storage, and marine services and support. It plays a vital role in the transportation and distribution of liquefied natural gas.

The port is well-connected through dedicated pipeline networks, facilitating the transport of natural gas from offshore fields to the processing plants and export terminals. It also has access to international shipping routes, enabling the efficient export of LNG to global markets.

Ras Laffan Port holds immense significance for Qatar's natural gas industry. It serves as a vital hub for the country's gas operations, supporting the production, processing, and export of natural gas. The port's strategic location and world-class infrastructure contribute to its role as a key enabler of Qatar's energy sector.

In terms of economic impact, Ras Laffan Port is a major source of revenue for Qatar. It generates employment opportunities, stimulates economic growth, and contributes significantly to the country's overall development. The port's operations and the export of LNG play a crucial role in supporting Qatar's economy and energy security. Overall, Ras Laffan Port is a vital industrial port dedicated to the natural gas industry. It serves as a cornerstone of Qatar's energy sector, enabling the efficient production, processing, and export of liquefied natural gas, and making a significant contribution to the country's economic prosperity.

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