Umm Said (Mesaieed) (QAUMS)

Port of Mesaieed (Umm Said)
Location Mesaieed, Qatar
Coordinates Latitude: 24.9811° N Longitude: 51.5914° E
Operator Qatar Petroleum
Port Type Industrial Port
Facilities Container terminals, bulk cargo terminals, Ro-Ro terminals, General cargo terminals, Support services and infrastructure
Port Statistics Handles a variety of cargo types, Supports industrial and economic activities
Services Offered Container handling and storage, General cargo handling and storage, Bulk cargo handling and storage, Ro-Ro cargo handling, Support services for vessels
Connectivity Well-connected to major transportation networks, Access to international shipping routes
Significance Key industrial port in Qatar, Supports economic growth and development
Economic Impact Contributes to Qatar's economy, Generates employment opportunities

The Port of Mesaieed (Umm Said) holds significant importance as a key industrial port in Qatar. It plays a vital role in supporting the country's economic growth and development. The port's strategic location and extensive facilities enable it to handle a variety of cargo types, including containers, general cargo, and bulk cargo.

With its well-connected transportation networks and access to international shipping routes, the port facilitates efficient trade connections with global markets. Its operations contribute to Qatar's economy by generating employment opportunities and serving as a catalyst for industrial activities. Overall, the Port of Mesaieed (Umm Said) is a crucial component of Qatar's maritime infrastructure, supporting the nation's economic prosperity.

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