Jeddah (SAJED)

Jeddah Islamic Port
Location Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Operator Saudi Ports Authority
Port Type Commercial Port
Facilities - Container terminals - General cargo terminals - Ro-Ro terminals - Liquid bulk terminals - Dry bulk terminals
Port Statistics - Handles a significant share of Saudi Arabia's seaborne trade
Services Offered - Container handling and storage - General cargo handling and storage - Ro-Ro cargo handling - Liquid bulk cargo handling and storage - Dry bulk cargo handling and storage
Connectivity - Well-connected to major international shipping routes - Proximity to the Red Sea trade route
Significance - Primary port for commercial shipping in Saudi Arabia - Gateway for international trade
Economic Impact - Contributes to Saudi Arabia's economy through trade - Generates employment opportunities
Special Features - Strategically located near major global markets - State-of-the-art facilities for efficient cargo handling

Jeddah Islamic Port is a major commercial port located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It is operated by the Saudi Ports Authority. The port primarily consists of container terminals, general cargo terminals, Ro-Ro terminals, liquid bulk terminals, and dry bulk terminals. The port handles a significant share of Saudi Arabia's seaborne trade, making it a crucial hub for international commerce. It offers various services such as container handling and storage, general cargo handling and storage, Ro-Ro cargo handling, liquid bulk cargo handling and storage, and dry bulk cargo handling and storage.

Jeddah Islamic Port is well-connected to major international shipping routes, and its proximity to the Red Sea trade route further enhances its connectivity. It serves as the primary port for commercial shipping in Saudi Arabia and acts as a gateway for international trade. The port's operations have a significant economic impact on Saudi Arabia, contributing to the country's economy through trade activities. It also plays a role in generating employment opportunities for the local workforce.

One of the special features of Jeddah Islamic Port is its strategic location near major global markets, facilitating efficient trade connections. The port is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to handle cargo effectively and efficiently. Overall, Jeddah Islamic Port is a vital maritime gateway for Saudi Arabia, enabling international trade, fostering economic growth, and serving as a key hub for commercial shipping in the region.

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