Yanbu Industrial City (SAYBI)

King Abdul Aziz Port (Dammam Port)
Location Yanbu, Saudi Arabia
Operator Saudi Ports Authority
Port Type Industrial Port
Facilities - Bulk cargo terminals - Liquid bulk terminals - Ro-Ro terminals - General cargo terminals - Container terminals
Specialized Industries - Petrochemicals - Refining - Oil and gas
Port Services - Cargo handling and storage - Industrial support services
Connectivity - Well-connected to major international shipping routes - Proximity to the Red Sea trade route/td>
Significance - Strategic location for petrochemical and industrial operations - Essential role in the economic development of the region
Economic Impact - Contributes to the local and national economy - Provides employment opportunities
Special Features - Dedicated industrial zone within the port area - State-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities

King Fahad Industrial Port, located in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia, is an industrial port operated by the Saudi Ports Authority. The port specializes in serving various industries, particularly petrochemicals, refining, and oil and gas sectors. The port features specialized facilities, including bulk cargo terminals, liquid bulk terminals, Ro-Ro terminals, general cargo terminals, and container terminals. These facilities enable efficient handling and storage of different types of cargo.

King Fahad Industrial Port offers a range of port services, including cargo handling and storage, as well as industrial support services. These services cater to the needs of industrial operations within the port area. The port is well-connected to major international shipping routes and benefits from its proximity to the Red Sea trade route. This strategic location facilitates efficient trade connections and enhances the port's accessibility.

King Fahad Industrial Port holds great significance as a strategic location for petrochemical and industrial operations. It plays an essential role in the economic development of the region, attracting investments and promoting industrial growth. The port has a significant economic impact, contributing to the local and national economy. It generates employment opportunities, supporting the livelihoods of the local workforce. One of the special features of King Fahad Industrial Port is the dedicated industrial zone within the port area. This zone provides a focused environment for industrial activities, fostering collaboration and synergy among various industries.

The port is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities, ensuring efficient and reliable operations. It provides a conducive environment for industrial activities, facilitating the growth and success of businesses operating within its premises. Overall, King Fahad Industrial Port in Yanbu plays a vital role in supporting the petrochemical and industrial sectors. With its specialized facilities, port services, and strategic location, it serves as a key hub for industrial operations, contributing to economic development and regional growth.

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