East London (ZAELS)


  • East London, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa
  • Coordinates: 33°01'S, 27°55'E


  • Transnet National Ports Authority

Port Type

  • Seaport


  • Container terminals
  • Automotive terminals
  • Liquid bulk terminals
  • Bulk terminals
  • General cargo terminals

Port Statistics

  • Key seaport in the Eastern Cape Province
  • Handles a diverse range of cargo

Services Offered

  • Container handling
  • Automotive cargo handling
  • Liquid bulk handling
  • Bulk cargo handling
  • General cargo handling


  • Well-connected by road, rail, and air networks
  • Access to major highways and railway lines
  • Proximity to East London Airport


  • Gateway to the Eastern Cape Province
  • Supports regional trade and industrial development
  • Promotes tourism and economic growth

Economic Impact

  • Significant contributor to the local and regional economy
  • Generates employment opportunities
  • Enhances trade and investment activities

The Port of East London is located in East London, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. It is operated by the Transnet National Ports Authority, responsible for managing the port's operations and development.

The port offers various facilities, including container terminals, automotive terminals, bulk terminals, general cargo terminals, and liquid bulk terminals. These facilities cater to a diverse range of cargo types, supporting the handling of containers, automotive cargo, bulk cargo, general cargo, and liquid bulk cargo.

As a key seaport in the Eastern Cape Province, the Port of East London plays a vital role in facilitating trade and industrial development in the region. It offers services for container handling, automotive cargo handling, bulk cargo handling, general cargo handling, and liquid bulk handling.

The port enjoys excellent connectivity through its well-developed road, rail, and air networks. It is accessible via major highways and railway lines, enabling efficient transportation of goods. East London Airport is in close proximity, further enhancing connectivity for air freight.

The Port of East London serves as a gateway to the Eastern Cape Province, connecting the region to domestic and international markets. It supports regional trade, industrial activities, and economic growth. Additionally, it contributes to promoting tourism and attracting investment opportunities.

In terms of economic impact, the port plays a significant role in the local and regional economy. It creates employment opportunities, stimulates business activities, and facilitates trade and investment growth. The efficient operation of the port enhances the competitiveness of the Eastern Cape Province and contributes to its economic development.

Overall, the Port of East London stands as a key seaport, offering diverse facilities, excellent connectivity, and driving economic growth in the Eastern Cape Province. It serves as a vital link in the regional supply chain, supporting trade, industry, and the overall prosperity of the area.

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