The inland transportation from the vendors to the shipping port and from the shipping port to discharge the ocean container. Drayage is therefore required for CY and CFS shipments.

Drayage may include:
  • Transport of containerized cargo from one port to another
  • A port might deliver a cargo to a rail yard, where the next leg of the journey begins
  • The cargo may be trucked to its ultimate location.
Special characteristics of intermodal drayage include:
  • During shipping, drayage usually takes one shift, just a part of a long haul.
  • "Drayage" refers not just to the short transport of goods but also other terms used in the industry. Drayage can also refer to transportation by vehicle between inland/border points, intermodal terminals, or seaports.
  • The term can also refer to the fee charged for such services on an invoice, often used in the container shipping industry for international commerce.

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