Uncalled-for or unpicked-up freight by the ultimate consignee.

What leads to Unclaimed furniture?

Unclaimed freight can be a result of several different situations.

  • Both the receiver and the shipper have not called about the shipment for various reasons.
  • The freight is undeliverable because details in the shipping address are missing and neither the
  • shipper nor the receiver provided them by the deadline.
  • It has been more than a month since the freight was allowed to be stored in the logistic provider's depot, but no one claimed it.
  • Shipping paperwork is lost or the cargo is shipped to the wrong destination - restoring the documentation or rerouting the freight might incur additional costs the shipper/receiver or logistics provider is unwilling to bear.
  • The disagreement between the freight forwarder/logistics provider and the shipper led to additional demurrage costs. Delivering the cargo makes no sense when the fees can be more expensive than the value of the freight.
  • Both the buyer and the seller do not want to claim the cargo because it is damaged during transit, arrives in unacceptable conditions, and the items are unusable.

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