FreightMango is Revolutionizing The Gobal Shipping Industry With Live-Tracked Solutions

Updated on December 13, 2023

Container Shipping Live Tracking

The world's shipping industry is essential for promoting international trade and guaranteeing the smooth transfer of goods across borders. However, traditional business methods and a lack of transparency have frequently caused inefficiencies and delays. Companies like FreightMango have emerged as game-changers in recent years, revolutionizing the management of large volumes of container shipping as well as the operations of online freight forwarders. FreightMango is revolutionizing freight shipping by utilizing state-of-the-art technology and offering live-tracked solutions, solidifying its position as a major player in the market.


Streamlining Container Shipping


Managing large volumes of container shipping has been one of the major difficulties facing the shipping sector. Tracking and monitoring containers as they travel has typically been a laborious and time-consuming process. This problem is addressed by FreightMango, which provides live-tracked shipping solutions that make shipments visible in real time. FreightMango ensures that shippers and recipients have access to accurate and current information about the location and status of their cargo by utilizing cutting-edge tracking technologies, such as GPS and IoT devices. This degree of openness not only lowers the possibility of delays and losses but also enhances planning and decision-making.


Empowering Online Freight Forwarders


Numerous industries have been impacted by the growth of e-commerce and digital platforms, and the shipping sector is no exception. Online freight forwarders have appeared as an alternative to established brick-and-mortar businesses, offering clients a more streamlined and practical experience. With a comprehensive platform that streamlines the freight forwarding process, FreightMango is at the forefront of this digital revolution. Customers can easily use their user-friendly interface to get quotes, schedule shipments, track their cargo, and manage documentation from their devices. This digital strategy allows the various parties involved in the shipping process to efficiently communicate while also saving time.  


Enhancing Ocean Freight Shipping


Ocean shipping companies have long been the backbone of international trade, moving tons of goods between continents. But shippers and recipients have incurred substantial losses with respect to the lack of poor visibility and transparency in the movement of goods by sea. This problem is solved by FreightMango, which incorporates live tracking features into ocean freight shipping. 


FreightMango offers real-time updates on vessel locations, anticipated arrival times, and potential disruptions by collaborating with top shipping lines and utilizing cutting-edge technology. Thanks to this improved visibility, stakeholders can actively manage their supply chains, optimize inventory levels, and guarantee on-time deliveries.


Collaborating with Freight Forwarder Companies


Companies that handle freight forwarding serve as a bridge between shippers and carriers, organizing and controlling all facets of transportation. This procedure has historically been manual and paper-based, which has caused inefficiencies and delays. FreightMango works with freight forwarder businesses to streamline their operations and give them the tools and resources they need to provide better customer service. Forwarders can access a centralized system that automates tasks, streamlines documentation, and enhances communication by integrating with FreightMango's platform. 


The collaboration between FreightMango and freight forwarders enhances the effectiveness and financial success of the forwarder businesses while providing customers with a seamless end-to-end shipping experience.




The global shipping industry is undergoing a revolution thanks to FreightMango's live-tracked solutions, which also change how online freight forwarders conduct business and handle large volumes of container shipping. FreightMango is addressing the long-standing problems of transparency and inefficiency in the industry by utilizing cutting-edge technology and offering real-time visibility. FreightMango empowers stakeholders in the shipping ecosystem and enables a more effective and dependable experience for shipping international freight by streamlining processes, enhancing tracking capabilities, and improving collaboration with freight forwarder businesses.


FreightMango's live-tracked solution implementation has improved the international shipping sector in several ways. First of all, the supply chain's overall efficiency has been markedly increased. Shippers and recipients can more effectively plan their operations, foresee any delays or disruptions, and make informed decisions to optimize their logistics processes with real-time tracking and monitoring of shipments. Additionally, this level of transparency enables better coordination between various shipping process participants, such as freight forwarders, customs agents, and port authorities, which results in more efficient operations and fewer bottlenecks.


The effects of FreightMango on the shipping sector go beyond its technological developments. The company's platform also promotes sustainability and eco-friendly practices. FreightMango lessens the carbon footprint associated with transportation by streamlining routes and reducing empty container movements. Digitalizing processes also decrease paper waste and encourages a more environmentally friendly method of communication and documentation.


With the help of FreightMango, you can now ship goods internationally in a completely new way. Our cutting-edge live-tracked solutions give large-volume container shipping, online freight forwarders, ocean freight shipping, and freight shipping, in general, new transparency, efficiency, and dependability. You can end delays and uncertainty by gaining real-time visibility into your shipments and guaranteeing efficient operations and on-time deliveries. 

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