FreightMango’s Digital Freight Ecosystem

FreightMango, a leading company in the global logistics industry, provides shippers or vendors with web-based tools to facilitate the digitalization of their operations. These tools include access to the ocean Rates, multimodal transportation, etc. which enable shippers to expand their business opportunities. Our Digital freight ecosystem offers various forms of support such as financial assistance, insurance, and partnerships to help shippers enhance their capabilities. The freight ecosystem serves as a digital association that connects shippers or vendors worldwide, allowing them to leverage each other's resources and expertise.

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Why Join Our Digital Freight Ecosystem

  • FreightMango offers online tools for freight forwarders
  • Digital Freight Ecosystem provides access to ocean freight rates
  • Members get discounts, offers, and opportunities
  • Load rates online for any mode of transport
  • 24/7 support available
  • Payment protection and financial support provided to scale business
  • Ecosystem connects shippers and vendors globally
  • Benefits include enhanced operations and business growth

Benefits of Digital Freight Ecosystem


Market your rates to thousands of importers and exporters.


A comprehensive set of logistics applications for tracking, documentation, planning, and more.


Take advantage of financial support to improve cash flow and grow your business.


Dependable account managers ensure high service standards.


Ensure the safety of your business with payment security and liability insurance plans.


Gain access to a network of freight forwarders with a presence in over 150 countries.

Expand Your Reach: Promote Your Rates to a Global Audience

FreightMango powers a prominent freight rate marketplace that offers an array of advanced digital solutions to both shippers and members of the Digital Freight ecosystem. With this platform, shippers/vendors can sell their shipping rates to a global audience, benefiting from a centralized hub that streamlines the process.

All-in-one Dashboard

Logistics Explorer is a robust solution that enables you to seamlessly integrate an online booking system into your website. With the ability to serve over 1000 customers simultaneously, Logistics Explorer can significantly expand your business's reach into new markets through sea transportation.

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Unlock Opportunities and Efficiency with FreightMango

Freight Forwarders

FreightMango provides freight forwarders with expanded visibility, access to a larger customer base, streamlined booking processes, and communication tools, resulting in increased business opportunities, cost savings, and improved operational efficiency.


By onboarding NVOCCs as vendors, FreightMango provides them with enhanced customer reach, streamlined processes, real-time visibility, and efficient communication channels.

Insurance Broker

FreightMango benefits insurance brokers by expanding their customer base, improving operational efficiency through streamlined processes, real-time visibility, and efficient communication channels, leading to enhanced customer service and potential cost savings.

Custom Housing Agents

FreightMango benefits customs housing agents by expanding their customer base, streamlining processes, offering real-time visibility, and efficient communication channels. This improves operational efficiency for customs housing agents onboarded on the platform.


Liner companies gain substantial advantages by joining FreightMango, including expanded customer reach, streamlined processes, enhanced communication tools. These benefits lead to improved customer service, increased revenue opportunities, and cost efficiencies for liner companies leveraging the platform.


FreightMango benefits truckers by providing them with increased job opportunities, streamlined load booking processes, real-time visibility, and efficient communication channels. This leads to improved efficiency, higher earnings, and greater job satisfaction for truckers on the platform.

Unlock the Benefits of FreightMango

Instant Quotes

Don't wait days or weeks. Get quotes instantly and compare offers in real time to find the best rate for you.

Book Online

Sort out your shipping online with a few clicks.

Document Management

Manage your shipping documents online, 24/7. Communicate and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders all in one place.

Track and Trace

Track your shipments 24/7 and provide accurate estimated delivery times.

Stay Consistent

Keep your shipping consistent and meet your delivery commitments by managing everything in FreightMango.