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Updated on July 18, 2023

The best International shipping company

Shipping and Logistics are the backbones of every business, so choosing the right one to handle your shipping is important for your entire operations. Since there are countless shipping companies in the world, selecting the best shipping company that will help you out in your operations will be a challenging job. To figure out all the problems and make your shipping easy we will discuss a few points like:

  1. Knowing your own freight
  2. Factors to keep in mind while choosing a shipping cargo company
  3. A shipping partner you can trust
  4. Conclusion 

Knowing your own freight 

The initial step in this entire process is to know your own freight. You need to be clear in your demands as you cannot expect to get good freight service if you do not know everything about the goods that are being shipped. Be it the top shipping companies in the world won’t be able to solve your problem if you don’t know what you want!

  • Physical properties of your freight

The first and foremost factor you need to consider is the freight itself. Common features that you can consider are weight, number of pallets, the density of the package, fragility, etc. These are all the most common things that you need to inform the shipping cargo company so that they can provide you with the best shipping services.

  • Pick-Up and Drop-Off locations

Another important element of the freight is going to be the pick-up and drop-off location. Some cargo shipping companies only focus on particular regions/areas and cannot offer a great service outside of it. So if you want to scale your business then check their locations they can serve and as a result, that will help you in choosing the best shipping company.

  • Any special instructions or needs

The last thing to know about your freight will be the special requests or needs that your freight has/requires. This can be about specific temperature, fragility, needs for tarps and straps, or any special requirement. Make sure you know all about your own goods before handing them off to a freight marketplace.

Factors to keep in mind while choosing a shipping cargo company 

In this new online era, it is very important that businesses provide the finest tech, the best partners, and of course the best shipping services to assure that you can continue to serve and maintain your clients while having an increasing graph for growth.

So, to take this extremely important decision of selecting the top shipping companies in the world to handle your shipping of goods. Here’s a compiled list of criteria that you should use while doing your research work:

  • Cost-savings

How much do I have to spend and the most effective freight marketplace to spend it??

This is the most common question that comes to mind as money will always be an important factor, specifically budget and how the shipping company can reduce your cost, and pass on the savings to your costumes as most customers resist buying an item because of its high shipping/delivery charges.

Shipping cost and the quality of shipment matter a lot. The simple answer to this question is to make sure to compare the pricing model for each shipping courier service. 

The cheapest shipping cargo company is not always the best, so it is not at all wise to base your entire decision on the price being offered to you. Select your shipping company according to the price that works for you as well as your customers. A good decision will be a company that is offering a price that is low enough for your customers/clients but high enough so that you can cover all your costs while providing quality service. 

One thing you can do is you can also lower your costs by cutting your packaging so as to avoid excess weight.

There are a majority of people who believe that free shipping is an incentive that will attract them to shop more. But providing free shipment on all your products and to all your customers may be too expensive for a small business. Here you can act strategically as you can consider adding shipping into your product prices. Also, you could limit free delivery to your loyal/repeat customers, as encouraging loyalty will increase your sales value.

  • Dedicated Support

Communication plays a vital role when it comes to shipping. There may be cases when you may lose your package or there may be a delay in response with an unresponsive shipping company.

So make sure your cargo shipping company provides 24/7 live support, on-call support, and email support. All these factors are necessary because if you don’t have this much communication then your customer may end up paying the price for a poorly delivered package and this will degrade your brand. You can also find a company providing tech support like live tracking and tracing. 

These additional services and technology are really up to you, as they are usually great to have and provide better customer service but all these services may come at an increased price.

  • Finding one-stop solution

A place to find all the necessary info. Like whatever you need, from packaging to the order information, and a managed freight marketplace.

Here FreightMango’s shipping solutions come to your rescue. It allows you to search, locate, book, pay or finance your imports and exports in just seconds. A one-stop solution that helps you in viewing, accessibility, and tracking to make your delivery experience hassle-free and a super-easy eCommerce shipping solution.

  • Delivery range

If you are shipping your goods across a small range of areas then you can contact a local courier. Local courier service providers will have a pretty good knowledge of the area, can operate better on a smaller scale, and you can get cheaper options for small businesses than larger companies.

But if you want to scale your business and transport your goods over long distances and are considering expanding overseas, you may connect with a Cargo shipping company or a global shipping company that has an international network that simplifies all the trade barriers.

  • Simplified Custom Service 

Custom clearance procedure is a hectic and confusing process for the importers and exporters. Many companies that have a managed marketplace like FreightMango provide services and various options to easily handle your customs procedure. These services include monitoring ETAs, submitting appropriate documentation, and making payments for the processes like clearance, duties, and various taxes. This facility that is provided by the freight marketplace can free up your time and you and your customer get a sense of satisfaction that your shipments won’t get delayed or stopped at the borders.

Moreover whatever you choose completely depends upon your demands, expectations, what specializations you want like packaging, the condition in which the package will be received, and the provided temperature. Your focus should be to search for multiple quotes before finalizing your decision and yes, don't be afraid to negotiate.

Carefully look at the couriers themselves and their modes of transportation. A professional container shipping company will definitely ensure that its vehicles are in good condition and maintained and that its staff is pretty friendly so that they can interact with your customers. This will benefit you in the long run for your brand, as this will be the only physical interaction your customers will receive.

FreightMango: A shipping partner you can trust

Picking the right company from the millions available will be a difficult task. So, FreightMango is “The First Managed Freight Marketplace” for your future. If you are someone who is exhausted waiting for quotes, overpaying for freight, and unjustified delays, FreightMango comes into the frame by providing the best pathway and a one-stop solution that lets you search, differentiate, book, pay, or even finance your imports/exports in just seconds. This freight marketplace will always make shipping in the full container and less-than-container loads easier and simpler for you. This freight marketplace will match the needs of your business along with saving your time and money.


With FreightMango, shippers can get faster quotes by simply entering the trade lane, ready date, commodity details, and all the special or necessary services to find carriers with confirmed capacity. You can also check and compare ETDs, transit times, and shipping prices in just one click and you may select the best option that fits your needs and budget.


Yes, it is that simple and quick. An additional benefit is the ability to uncover the hidden capacity that is the carrier with the unexpected availability from the canceled orders or from the production shortages.


This digitized process in the freight marketplace offers an ample amount of benefits like low errors as there are very fewer chances of miscommunication and mistakes. All the documentation process is done through a single source. Since tracking plays an important role, you can check the live status via digital tracking services. Last but not least to make the invoicing and payment system easier, as they consolidate all the costs and convert them into a single transaction. 

All you have to do is:

It is a WIN-WIN deal for both shippers and carriers, so feel free to contact FreightMango anytime!!


In order to select the best shipping company out of all the global shipping companies, you can refer to all the above-mentioned points.  A wise decision after scanning through the freight shipping FAQs can help you out a lot in your business as this will show how devoted a company is towards their customer service and you can become SHIPPING PRO just by taking the right decision.

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