Mina Rashid Port (AEMRP)

Mina Rashid Port
Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Coordinates 25°16'N, 55°16'E
Operator DP World
Port Type Seaport
Facilities Cruise terminal, general cargo terminal, luxury marina, leisure and entertainment facilities
Port Statistics One of the largest cruise ports in the Middle East, serving as a popular tourist destination
Services Offered Cruise ship services, general cargo handling, luxury yacht and marina services
Connectivity Excellent connectivity via road, rail, and air transportation networks
Significance Key cruise port, tourist destination, and leisure hub
Economic Impact Contributes to the local economy, tourism industry, and job creation

Mina Rashid Port is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is operated by DP World, one of the world's largest port operators. The port is primarily known for its cruise terminal and serves as a popular tourist destination. The facilities at Mina Rashid Port include a dedicated cruise terminal, a general cargo terminal, a luxury marina, and various leisure and entertainment facilities. It offers a range of services catered to cruise ships, general cargo handling, luxury yacht services, and marina facilities.

As one of the largest cruise ports in the Middle East, Mina Rashid Port attracts numerous cruise ships and tourists. It plays a significant role in Dubai's tourism industry, providing a gateway to the city's attractions and serving as a departure point for luxury cruises.

Mina Rashid Port is well-connected to road, rail, and air transportation networks, ensuring convenient access for passengers and cargo. It contributes to the local economy through tourism, creating employment opportunities and supporting related industries. With its dedicated cruise facilities, luxurious marina, and leisure amenities, Mina Rashid Port offers a unique and memorable experience for travelers, making it a key destination for cruise enthusiasts and tourists visiting Dubai.

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