Emden (DEEME)

Port of Emden
Location Emden, Germany
Coordinates 53°21'N, 7°13'E
Operator Port of Emden Authority
Port Type Seaport
Facilities Container terminals, RoRo terminals, bulk terminals, general cargo terminals
Port Statistics One of Germany's major seaports, handling diverse cargo and serving as a key hub for vehicle exports
Services Offered Container handling, RoRo services, bulk handling, general cargo handling
Connectivity Excellent connectivity via road, rail, and inland waterway networks
Significance Key seaport for international trade, major hub for vehicle exports, important transport and logistics hub
Economic Impact Significant contributor to the regional and national economy, job creation, and trade growth

The Port of Emden is located in Emden, Germany. It is operated by the Port of Emden Authority, which manages the port's operations and development.

The port offers various facilities including container terminals, RoRo (Roll-on/Roll-off) terminals, bulk terminals, and general cargo terminals. These facilities enable the handling of diverse cargo types such as containers, vehicles, general cargo, and bulk goods.

As one of Germany's major seaports, the Port of Emden plays a crucial role in international trade. It handles a wide range of cargo and provides services for container handling, RoRo services, bulk handling, and general cargo handling. The port enjoys excellent connectivity through its well-developed road, rail, and inland waterway networks. This ensures efficient transportation of goods to and from the port, facilitating seamless trade flows and supporting logistics operations. The Port of Emden holds significant significance as a major hub for vehicle exports. It serves as a key port for shipping vehicles, contributing to the automotive industry and facilitating the export of vehicles to various destinations.

The port's activities have a significant impact on the regional and national economy, contributing to job creation, trade growth, and economic development. It serves as an important transport and logistics hub, supporting various industries and sectors.

Overall, the Port of Emden stands as a strategic seaport, providing comprehensive services, excellent connectivity, and playing a vital role in international trade, vehicle exports, and the regional economy.

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